Website copy

Your website is the storefront of your online business, so it needs to make a big impact - and it needs to do it quickly.

Too often though, website copy is uninspired and lifeless - but my friends, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Breathe new life into those web pages by having a fresh pair of eyes look at what you do - what you really do - for your clients and customers.

Whether you just need to 'zhuzh up' your existing copy or throw the whole thing out and start again, I can help.

How it works

1. The interview

I jump on a call with you to ask you approximately 10 million questions about your business (OK, not that many, but I ask a lot of important questions).

2. Crafting that copy

I write or re-write existing copy using all the insightful nuggets of wisdom you have shared with me.

3. Review and approve

You review and get 2 rounds of amends per page until that thing is a work of content marketing beauty.