Digital ad copy

Digital ads - like many ads - are often awful.

But they don’t have to be. In fact, well-written and persuasive copy should encourage a user to take action without feeling like they are being baited by the guy from Oliver’s Jewellery (pretty sure his name is Oliver).

If you need help crafting powerful ad copy, that’s got me written all over it.

For PPC campaigns, I work with a trusted partner, Clear Digital, to deliver this service (I manage copy, he manages the technical stuff). For more information on this service, please get in touch.


How it works


Craft that copy

If you provide me with links to the content you want to be promoted, I can provide digital ad copy for the required platforms.


Producing that content

If you need help creating content to promote on social media (a common problem), we can talk about starting with blog posts, case studies and service pages, and I can provide digital ad copy for these content pieces as part of that service.


Social selling

I put together a comprehensive plan of short- and long-term content marketing recommendations tailored to your business to help achieve your goals.



More Services

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