Email marketing & newsletters

Psst. Wanna know a secret? Email marketing is not dead. In fact, it is alive and well, living in a quaint 19th-century farmhouse with its dog, life partner and two small children.

The truth is, email marketing is still going strong as a marketing channel. 80% of marketers say that email is their MOST used form of content marketing.

And I *love* marketing emails. I love receiving them. I love reading them. I love analyzing them.

I love getting a promo code that I pop into that little promo code box to get a discount, which makes me feel like I have won at life.

I want to help you with email marketing so you can win at life, too.

How it works

1. Strategy or no strategy?

If you already have an email marketing strategy but need someone to manage it going forward, that is super. Skip down to step 3.

2. No strategy

If you don’t even know where to start with email marketing, we will work together to:

  • Select an email marketing platform that is right for your business (I have experience using MailChimp, Shopify, HubSpot, etc.)
  • Create an email template with your branding
  • Ensure we have a good quality list of opted-in subscribers (or work on creating one)
  • Create an email marketing schedule (that will align with your blogging/content/social media calendars), and we will put together an email template.

3. Craft that copy

I will produce magical, engaging and life-affirming copy, including A/B subject lines, and you will review it, allowing for 2 rounds of amends.

4. Optimize, optimize, optimize

We will schedule the email to go out, and I will provide a performance report with recommendations for improvement.