Advanced Test & Automation

Greenlight Content had to act fast to turn around two white papers and a series of blog posts to raise awareness for Advanced Test and Automation's (ATA) high-tech cold storage units to transport the COVID-19 vaccines.

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The challenge

Advanced Test & Automation (ATA) - best known for developing automotive test system technology - pivoted its business during the pandemic to develop Flashfreeze™, a storage solution that helps rapidly deploy COVID-19 vaccines through innovative cold-storage technology. With vaccines being approved at a lightning-fast pace, ATA had a short window to raise awareness of their cold-storage technology.


The solution

Advanced Test & Automation

Working as a white label partner for Centricity360, Greenlight Content created a suite of content assets to help communicate the benefits of ATA’s Flashfreeze™ products to healthcare professionals and logistics service providers. This included two eDocs, blog posts and landing pages.


The results

Greenlight Content turned around copy quickly to meet tight deadlines and a short window of opportunity for the client. Feedback from the client has been overwhelmingly positive and an integral part of the sales and marketing initiative for their technology.

Vanessa had a great passion for the ATA project and it showed in the content she produced for the client. She's a great listener, is detail orientated, and has advanced writing skills especially with a subject of a technical nature. She was able to connect with the client, quickly understanding their business, and produce the content under a tight deadline.

Richard Bolton, President,
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